Roxy Reiland, Flash developer and artist

My name is Roxy and I am a Flash developer and artist currently residing in Seattle, WA. I have three and a half years of experience in Flash and AS 3.0 among other things, and hold a Bachelor's degree in fine art/graphic design. I love traveling, painting, learning about development, a good beer, trying to play the guitar, colorful pixels, cheese, and my english bull terrier, Solo. I never say no to an adventure. This site is entirely my creation so please take a look around! Every time I redesign my site, I take it as a personal project to showcase things I have learned about Flash and development as well as to tell a bit about myself. Here you'll find Flash examples, fine art and photography(much of which comes from my travels). Click on the pictures at left to learn more about me. If you're interested in getting ahold of me, please visit my contact page- I am always looking for new work and contacts! Ciao! -- Roxy

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